New program annoucement!

We’re excited and proud to share our new program with you.

F.I.X. — FUNctional     Intense     X-Training

The F.I.X. program will focus on building foundational strength and solid endurance (cardio) via body weight movements, interval training, lighter weights, and mobility. Become a master of your own body!

This program differs from our CrossFit program in that:

  • there is more repetition of workouts, specifically designed to encourage and highlight your progress.
  • it focuses on smaller movements with little to no added weight.
  • there are no olympic lifts or other technical movements, and little to no barbell work.

F.I.X. is for you if:coachgraphic

  • you have finally decided it’s time to get in shape.
  • you have wanted to try CrossFit but are intimidated by all the weightlifting.
  • you are already a CrossFitter but want to add a little extra into your routine.
  • you love CrossFit but don’t love the technical moves like Snatches.
  • you go to a gym but are bored.
  • you go to a gym but not sure what to do once you get there.
  • you love a Coach lead class where they will help you with your form.
  • you have achy shoulders/knees/hips and need to strengthen the muscles around the joint.
  • you want to do CrossFit but need or want to feel comfortable with a certain amount of basic strength and cardio before you jump into the more technical, heavier exercises.
  • you want to have fun with a fantastic group of people!

So, when can you start, you ask?

F.I.X. will make it’s debut with the Get Your F.I.X. 6 Week Challenge in January 2017! Click here for details!

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