CrossFit Plant City is the premier fitness training facility in Plant City. The purpose of CFPC is to improve the quality of life of the Plant City community. Through personalized coaching in a supportive group environment, our members enjoy increased strength, guidance on clean eating, and a healthy, confident self-image.

How we Roll

In a nutshell, CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. We perform compound movements, which recruit multiple joints and muscle groups in order to complete the action. Among others, three lessons we teach folks is: how to move their bodies safely and effectively, how to become and stay mobile, and how to use their core and hips to generate power.

Mike and I have always been interested in health, fitness, and wellness. Our lives for the past several years (actually my whole life) have led us to this point. I have a great passion for encouraging people and love helping someone accomplish a task or meet a goal they never thought they could do.

We want to help the people of Plant City, and surrounding areas, be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. Life is so uncertain and it’s becoming more and more important to be proactive with our healthcare. We need to be generally physically prepared for anything life may throw at us, whether it be keeping up with the kids or grandkids, excelling at your sport, preparing for a wedding, or even handling an accident or natural disaster. The skills and increased capacity transfer well to on-the-job application too. Law enforcement and military personnel are better able to pursue suspects or do battle, farmers and delivery men are able to lift and move heavy objects without hurting their backs, stay-at-home moms have energy to chase down rowdy toddlers, and high-schoolers have an edge over sports competitors. The benefits just aren’t physical either. Our system here at CrossFit Plant City also encourages confidence, mental toughness, emotional support, and stress reduction.

CrossFit Plant City offers personalized coaching in a group environment. While the classes are group classes, each person receives an individual workout. Each person will have the weight, or box height, or rep count that is appropriate for them. Our members provide accountability to each other and they drive each other to improve. I am routinely amazed and humbled by the community we have here. They are positive, supportive, generous, fun, and ready to work when they arrive. I couldn’t be more proud of our members.

It’s important to note that the workouts, known at WODs, are scalable to your fitness level. There are always progressions for an exercise. For instance, we would not have a beginner perform handstand push-ups, but rather have them do a strict shoulder press with dumbbells. We encourage feedback and will adjust workouts as needed to accommodate fitness level or medical issue. So, don’t let a scary sounding workout prevent you from giving it a shot. Mike feels that the needs of everyday people and Olympic athletes differ by degree not kind. Increased power, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, and balance are each important to the world’s best athletes and to everyday people.

Start slowly, learn the movements and proper form, and then gradually increase the speed, weight, and difficulty of the movements. The coaches here at CrossFit Plant City, will be there every step of the way. Be patient with yourself and stay positive. You’ll do great!


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Meet Our Trainers:


Coach Lauren
Coach Lauren

Next time you are in Plant City, Florida stop by CrossFit Plant City to meet owner and coach Lauren Bearden. Lauren is a CrossFit Level Two trainer, a USAW Sports Performance Coach and has held certifications as a personal trainer and aqua fitness specialist through the International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association. She has also received Silver Sneakers’ instructor credentials in Classic, Splash, and Yoga. Other certificates include CrossFit Mobility and the CrossFit Judges course. Lauren looks forward to earning more credentials and sharing her knowledge with the Plant City Community.

Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, over ten years working with websites, and an entrepreneurial spirit. While working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor (Water Aerobics and Silver Sneakers) at the Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center in Murphy, North Carolina, Lauren excelled in relationship building and designing personalized programming based on member goals and fitness levels. She doesn’t just care about your muscles, she cares about your whole being. A self-described food snob, she has and continues to research food and how it can heal or harm the body. Lauren, herself prefers a more primal and traditional whole foods diet. Talk with her anytime about your nutrition.

Michael, Lauren’s husband introduced her to CrossFit in 2007. They have followed along the rise of CrossFit throughout those years. A passion for fitness and helping people improve their lives, paired with a business background, and CrossFit’s awesome methodology, it was only natural to establish CrossFit Plant City. Lauren will provide coaching, guidance, accountability, and encouragement along the journey to a new you. Email her today.


Coach Mike

Always an active guy, Michael developed a passion for fitness while attending North Georgia College, the Senior Military College of Georgia. While earning a Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia, Mike obtained a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and would routinely hike the mountains of North Georgia.

During SWAT school in 2007, he was introduced to CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since. Mike learned first hand how effective CrossFit was in garnering results and creating generally physically prepared police officers. Mike has held personal training certifications with ISSA and ISFTA, and obtained CrossFit Level One Trainer status in 2012. Mike is now a CrossFit Level Two Trainer. He also participated in the CrossFit Mobility and CrossFit Judges courses.

Mike will push you to new levels and make you stronger. Stop by today.


Bio coming soon.


Bio coming soon.