6 Week Challenge: Get Your F.I.X.

Are you up for the challenge? The Get Your F.I.X. challenge is a 6 week endeavor to develop new eating habits while focusing on building foundational strength and solid endurance via body weight movements, interval training, lighter weights, and mobility. Become a master of your own body! Learn more about the F.I.X. program in general here. Challenge Details Better Choice — 3 Day Package – $200+tax Includes a Healthy Eating seminar, grocery store field trip, two week meal plan and three FIX workouts per week for 6 weeks. Sign Up Now! Best Choice — 5 Day Package – $250+tax Includes a Healthy Eating seminar, grocery store field trip, three week meal plan and five… Read More

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Clean Eating Challenge January 2016

Clean Eating Challenge Starts Tomorrow It’s not too late to jump on this train! Even if you already eat healthy, it could be a good thing to participate because… you can help someone else learn to make better choices. you may think you eat healthier than you actually do. you may truly eat healthy but not be aware of food that is negatively impacting your body. you can make the money pot bigger!   If you do not eat healthy and are afraid you won’t make it through or won’t win, please reconsider because… Yeah, we wrap it in a fun friendly competition with incentives to urge you to stay… Read More

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