Alright, let’s do this!

  1. Give us a call or send us a message letting us know you’re interested. Feel free to ask questions too.

  2. Free Trial Class! Try out one of our free group classes on Saturday’s at 9:00am.

  3. Join! After you’ve tried a class and are ready to join, we’ll take care of the business side of things and schedule you into the F.I.X. classes. F.I.X. is what we call our on-ramp program. We’ll chat about this in much more detail when you come in to set up your membership. We’ll also take the opportunity to discuss your current fitness level, any injuries or medical conditions, and goals. This information will help us personalize the WODs to your specific needs. 

  4. Jump into the group classes knowing your focus is on learning, not intensity. The coaches will be prepared to scale the workout for you. Learn the moves, get your body used to working in this way. It’s a process, be patient with yourself and stay positive. This is a life journey, not a three-month mega-body-blast.

  5. Excel and get results! Through regular assessments, you and your coach will know when it’s time to increase the intensity or difficulty of the workouts or graduate from the F.I.X. program into the CrossFit program.

  6. Have fun!

  7. We have an open-door policy and always encourage feedback. We’re in this together!