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Personal Training/One-on-One Coaching:

Non-members may train one-on-one with our coaches for $42/hour. Members may train one-on-one with our coaches for $20/hour. This is a great option if you have very specific goals or certain needs which require special programming. Perfect for reaching a certain level before joining the group classes or for competition training.

Health Coaching:

Need help with building healthy eating habits? Need guidance on what to eat and how to cook it? Need an accountability partner who will encourage you and tell you the truth? If so, we can help!

$50 initial session – in depth discussion all about you, where you are currently, and where you want to go. Then choose from two options:

  • $53/week for guidance, accountability, and a 4 day food diary review with feedback.
  • $107/week for the above plus a detailed food/meal plan.

Foundations – Required prior to Joining Group Classes:

Our Foundations program is 6 one-on-one sessions, at a time decided upon by you and your coach, where you will learn all the CrossFit basics and the Olympic Lifts. This one-on-one time allows you and your coach to focus 100% on your form, technique, goals, and progress. Once the 6 sessions are complete and you can demonstrate each movement and understand the points of performance, you are ready to join the group classes! You’ll feel prepared and excited because you’re already familiar and adequate with the vast majority of movements and terminology you’ll encounter. Additional sessions may be added if you’d like, or if we determine you need more time to learn the elements of the Olympic lifts. Just a few examples of what you’ll learn and hone: body weight movements including push ups, pull ups, squats, core work and variations thereof; kettlebell swings & snatches; clean & jerk and snatch; deadlift, shoulder press, back squat, bench press; jump rope, rowing; and so much more!

The 6 one-on-one Foundations sessions is $200.
*If you have completed 6 months of continual CrossFit at another location, you may test out of taking these sessions. If you can not pass the movement assessment, you will have to participate in the Foundations program.

After your sessions, you’ll roll into an unlimited monthly membership option as listed below.

Send us an email to set up your sessions!

Monthly Unlimited:

Step up your general physical preparedness. Join CFPC!
An unlimited membership means you can come to as many group classes as you’d like.

Individual $135 with auto-pay ($145 for cash/check)
Couple $250 with auto-pay ($260 for cash/check)
**Additional Family Members: Add 95$ (based on couples rate)
Active Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighter discount: $10 off individual rate and $15 off couples rate.
Have a Group? We have group rates. Email or call for details.

Class Passes:

Class passes have an expiration date of 1 year. These are a great option if you have a very irregular work schedule or if you are from out of town and visit Plant City on a fairly regular basis.

8 Class Pass – $100
10 Class Pass – $130


The Drop In Rate is $15.00.

*** Rates and availability are subject to change.***

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